Travelling to Hospital

Getting to and from the Hotel complex to the hospital will become part of your daily routine.

There are a number of methods you can use.  Firstly I have to say my experience of the public transport in Moscow was fantastic.  We used the tram everyday - we being the group of carers that I travelled with each day.  Some days we would be 1-2, sometimes 4-5 people.

You have 4 options that I can talk about (there may be more):

I only used this option once.  It was 600 rb.  Prices are set before you ride, and there was no meter used.  If you take a taxi, use the hotel concierge to book, or the number the hospital provides at the other end.  I wouldn't recommend hopping in one off the street.

We walked on a few occasions.  Its a simple 5 km walk, no hills, following the tram route.  Good option for if the trams are locked up in an accident.

We used the buses every now and then, just as good as the trams (see below). No issues, payment is the same as the trams and the stops are near each other.  Use route 22.  The bus stop is just on the other side of the underpass.

The trams are frequent, and I mean frequent.  I never waited longer than 5 minutes for the next one to arrive, even if I missed one.  There is one exception - traffic accidents.  The rate of traffic accidents appeared very high (daily).  Once there is any type of accident, the drivers dutifully wait with their vehicles for the authorities to arrive - it often takes 30+ minutes to clear simple bumps.  On the odd occasion the accident will happen on the tram track, and of course the tram can't get around so you wait (or hop off and walk).

The following maps & photos will show you how to navigate from your hotel (I've used the Vega as the starting point) to the tram stop.  There's only 1 stop (on the far side of the track) - and any tram numbered 11 or 34 will take you to the hospital.

Hotel to tram stop
Tram (or walking) route to Hospital - you have a 250m walk (in yellow) from the main street to the hospital gate
I was also lucky that when I arrived there were other carers who had been in Moscow for a few weeks and showed me the ropes (thanks Sam & Neil).

From Vega - exit hotel, turn right, head to square
Cross square to front of Italian restaurant/Olympic mural
Turn to your right and head across square
Keep going straight, down several short flight of stairs
Cross road towards Burger King, head up road on LHS
Before main road, turn left and cross
Head straight
Underpass appears on your right
Head down underpass
Head through underpass
On exit from underpass head straight
At fork in path, take right hand path
Cross tram tracks to tram stop
Both 11 & 34 trams go to Hospital
This is the tram arriving
Once you've found the stop, the next challenge is paying.  Fortunately (again) the public transport system is excellent.  Upon boarding the tram (use the front door, the other doors are exits), pass a 100 rb note to the driver (if there's any confusion hold up 4 fingers - as you want a 4 pass ticket). 

They will pass you back a single white paper ticket.  It's good for 4 journeys.  You then insert the ticket into the reader, it will grab the ticket, read it and spit it out.  Take your ticket and proceed through the turnstiles.  Be careful as the tram takes off a little quickly - if you're off balance you may fall.  Also be careful getting off as the stairs are a little steep.

Give 100 rb through driver window
Paper tram ticket(s) - use white side up
Put ticket in yellow machine on right
Take a seat, enjoy the ride - if its cold you may find your seat heater is on, which feels a little strange, but better than being cold.  There's 2 turns at the start (see route map above), but from there its a straight ride.
Each block is clearly numbered with a blue sign.  If you're looking out on the left (as you travel) look for 117.  On the right look for 116.  When you see these get off at the next stop.

117 on the LHS - exit tram

116 on RHS - exit tram
Don't stress about missing your stop - the hospital is the end of the line.  If the tram turns around, you've gone a little too far - you'll be on the other side of the road so you'll have to cross back over.
It's about 250 m walk to the hospital gates.  You can walk around the block using the main streets, or cut through a side street between the buildings.
Turn to your right as you exit tram,
turn left at corner
Head down street to next corner
At corner you will see Hospital, turn left
Main hospital entrance
If its your first arrival use the building on the left of the gate.  Ask for Anastasia.

If you have already been issued a pass, use the building on the right of the gate. It contains the turnstiles. Show your pass to the guards.

Going back to the hotel is just as easy.  Walk back to main road, cross over, and catch the first tram!

A note on crossing roads, at pedestrian crossings the cars don't stop if you hesitate - walk with intent!  I've also heard that one carer was pulled up for not using a crossing and there are tram inspectors each week, so fair evasion is not a smart move.

For knowing where to get off, wait for the tram to do it's 2 turns (left then right) towards the end of the journey. Its the second stop after these turns.  You will see the group of hotels emerge from behind the trees, and at night they are fully lit up so easier to see.  Follow the route in reverse back to your hotel.

Special mention to Bryn for his assistance in putting this together.


  1. Paul this is awesome, I cannot thank you enough. I am much more a visual hands on kind of person and this is fantastic!

  2. Thanks for your excellent information! It was a great help to my husband and brother who accompanied me to Moscow when I had HSCT in August 2015.

  3. Very useful, thank you! Can you please tell me how long the trip takes? So from vega to the hospital with tram/ bus?